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mx6q IPU problem

Question asked by mrleo on Jul 13, 2015
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Hi all,


I  have a question about ipu my not understand. My custom board is mx6dl board and run android 4.2 system.


As shown above,I should set RGB24 or GBR24 in uboot . I want lcd to VGA display connected with ch7055a .

If I set RGB24,About DISP0_DAT0~DISP0_DAT7 is R signal,About DISP0_DAT8~DISP0_DAT15 is G signal,

About DISP0_DAT16~DISP0_DAT23 is B signal. That's right or not.

Now as shown above connection diagram,I should how to set in Uboot environment variable.



Who can give me a help?