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Combination of FMC and L1 Cache on K60 devices

Question asked by Peter Ruesch on Jul 13, 2015
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after some search I could not find any documents regarding the combination of the following both:

  • FMC Cache and FMC Prefetchbuffer
  • (16KB) L1 I/D-Cache


My question is: how can I cleverly combine them?

Is it of any disadvantage to use them both at the same time in the hope the get the most of "from flash execution performance" ?


the only thing i could find is this from AN4745:


5.1 FMC features

The FMC has two key features that help to increase the chance that flash accesses can be serviced in a single clock cycle:

• FMC cache - There is a small cache within the FMC that stores recently accessed flash information. The exact

configuration of the FMC cache can vary from device to device, but an FMC cache is present on all devices. Note:

some Kinetis devices also contain a system cache that is completely separate from the FMC cache. The two caches

operate independently, but can be used together to help accelerate flash reads.