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imx287: Using LCDIF as asynchronous memory interface

Question asked by alex moreno on Jul 13, 2015
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We are using a imx287 in a project which requires a high speed interface with a FPGA.

So far we are using a single bit SPI, since our FPGA SPI core doesn't accept dual or quad configurations. Also clock rate is quite limited by the FPGA.


And we have found that this channel is a real bottleneck.


To work it out we have been told some time ago that we could use the LCD interface as a bus interface, adding some logic in the FPGA to decode address/data. Being a parellel bus we'll have a real boost that will fit our requirements.


We are ready to loose our LCD functionality as we are not using it anyway.


Has anyone used this LCD interface as asynchronous bus? Default LCD drivers seem quite useless for us. Is there an easy way to get it working?


We have searched in the web with no success... Any idea will be welcomed.


Many thanks.