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i.MX53 ESDCTL_SDCTRL register setting

Question asked by torus1000 on Jul 12, 2015
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Now we are debugging LPDDR2 timing for our custom i.MX53 board.
  (Please see our previous thread :


We tried to change ESDCTL_SDCTRL for adjust delay of SDCLK.
For the bit11-8 field description on p1298 of RM shows as following: "Add sdclk0 delay of 1 delay units."


(Q1) How many [pSec] does 1 delay units mean?
(Q2) Does more/bigger delay improve timing margin to the CS/RAS/CAS/WE/<adr>/<dat> of DDR2 read?


When we write 0x00000300(SDclk0_del=2'b11) to the ESDCTL_SDCTRL with JTAG-ICE, but read value was 0x00018000.


(Q3) What was wrong with my writing?


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