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how to program MAC address in FRDMK64.(for ethernet)

Question asked by sudhakar p on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by soledad


i am using FRDMK64f120 controller, KDS 2.0 and ksdk 1.1.0.

i want to program MAC address to kinetis K64 controller. i know development board coming with MAC address.

but for our development(our hardware design) how to program MAC address.just give some idea.

we dont need to program MAC adress every time. only one time for new board .like bootloader code we are loading only one time like that.

is any perticular location available for writing MAC ADDRESS. if yes how to do? or give some other option.

while programming through P&E multi link is any possible to write Mac address.


thanks and regards,

sudhakar p