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Support of 16-bit LPDDR2 for IMX6

Question asked by srinivasaporam on Jul 9, 2015
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We have got the customized IMX6 board with 16-bit LPDDR2. Now when we are trying to bring up the board and porting OS (Uboot,Kernela and OS), it is not booting. Now we are doubting whether IMX6 dual supports 16 bit LPDDR2 or not??? If we use only 1 LPDDR2(16-bit) will it work??? How can we make it work???  If it supports, then we would like run DDR_Stress_Test for the same. We are using Micron's MT42L32M16D1. Can we get script file checking the DDR_Stress_Test for this  LPDDR2.