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med-ekg use in countries with 50hz power

Question asked by Nikolay Zamotaev on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by paco shnaidler

I am trying to use MED-EKG module standalone (without tower modules).

I reverse-engineered the i2c protocol from the tower sources.

I get packets, checksum is correct, packet IDs are properly ordered, but measurement data (samples and heart rate) is just wrong.


So I have few questions:

1. The schematic mentions 60Hz notch filter (which is unused when the DSC on the MED-EKG module is used). How DSC filters out power line frequencies? And does it filter them out?

2. If it does - is there a way to select between 50/60 Hz for power line frequency? (I am in a location with 50Hz power).

3. What is the bit format for the samples from DSC (there are 64 bytes of data in the packet - how do I decode them)?

4. Is there anything I can do to check that the data is valid?

5. Jumpers are set this way:
J2: 1-2

J3: 2-3
J4: 2-3

J5: open

J6: 1-2

J7: 1-2

J8: 1-2

J9: 1-2

J11: 2-3

Is this the right jumper positions for using the DSC on board (not the amplifiers and electronics in tower)?