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I.mx6 solo lite (USB OTG)

Question asked by kwangbog ham on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Xingjian Liao

Dear Sir,


In order to do the DDR3 stress test, we did as the blow procedure.


* Note:

The RESETMCU pin on the PMIC is not working.

So, i disconnected this RESETMCU pin on the PMIC to POR_B pin on the MCU.

And then, i attached the pull resistor 10Kohm through 3.3V to POR_B pin on the MCU.

Also, i attached the toggle switch to control the POR_B pin.


[Steps & results]


* CPU's 32.768KHz, 24MHz are working well.

* CPU's VDD_USB_CAP pin voltage is 2.5V

* CPU's other VDD_xxx_CAP pin voltage is working well.


1. BOOT_MODE[1:0] PIN is each other 01.

2. POR_B pin is low when i supply the power to board.

3. Switch on to transit this signal level from low to high in manual because RESETMCU poin on the PMIC is not working properly.

4. Connect the USB cable from PC to our board. (it's our board, not Frescale EK board)

5. I could find the unknown device message on the device manager.


[Attached file]

USB OTG part-1.PNG

USB OTG part-2.PNG



Could you give me some solution and check point to find out wrong something?



This is our first SMT board & there are nothing in the MCU.

Can i know whether the boot ROM is working well or not?


Best & Regards,

Kwangbog HAM