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how to use AUDMUX function(FMRadio)

Question asked by steven shi on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by steven shi

hi Freescale:

     our board designed base on SDB, Android OS is 4.4.2.

     our audio codec is ad1937, it like CS42888,  and we use esai interface,  now all function normal work, it can play music, and it also can play music over bluetooth headset.

     the FM Chip is BCM4334(BT+WIFI+FM), the FM data be send by bcm4334, it is master, the wave is ok.

     now i have integrate the code to imx6, fm.apk has in android system. when i open fm.apk, it no sound.


     we are use AUD6_RXD connect I2S_DO, AUD6_TXC connect I2S_CLK(1.5MHz), AUD6_TXFS connect I2S_WS(48kHz)


     i had add the code imx_audmux_config(plat_data->src_port, plat_data->ext_port); to my codec code.


     i know i have some mistake in the code , but i don't know how to use the AUDMUX, and can let FMRaido have sound, please give me some suggestions , thank you