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JTAG/SWD connector for Kinetis

Question asked by Muhammad Saad Nawaz Employee on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by Earl Orlando Ramirez Sanchez



I am designing a PCB for Kinetis K22 and have some confusion in SWD connector pin configuration.


There are two different configurations available, one is SWD connector in FRDM-K22F schematic (TDI and TDO pins are not used).


The other configuration is available in user manual of PE Micro U-Multilink (TDI and TDO pins are used).


I would like to know about the difference in these two configurations (how is it possible to program microcontroller without TDI and TDO pins)?


I intend to use PE Micro U-Multilink programmer for programming my custom board MCU, which of the two pin configuration should I use?