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When will Freescale upgrade the CW_HC12_v5.1?

Question asked by David Dai on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by ZhangJennie

Hello together,


I have several question about CW_HC12_v5.1:


1, For the MCU MM912H634, I can only use CW_HC12_v5.1? How about the latest IDE CW10.6, it supports the MM912H634?


2, I used the CW_HC12_v5.1_SPECIAL at this moment, how can I get the full version ?


3, When I simulate my program with CodeWorrior True-Time Simullator hiwave.exe,  result is different with full Start/Continue(F5) mode and Step over(F10) mode, why?

    With Step over(F10) mode, some MCU rigisters and some variants I changed the value  in my code have no any change in CodeWorrior True-Time Simullator's detect windows, why? As below:

Capture.JPG                       Capture.JPG


Finally, I feel CW_HC12_v5.1 is too old to keep pace with the IDE software development, When will Freescale upgrade the CW_HC12_v5.1?




Best Regards

David Dai