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8349 USB TAP

Discussion created by Giac Dinh on Nov 30, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2007 by Tom Thompson
I am stuck at connection stage for a mpc 8349e.
I am run eval copy of CodeWarrior and try to Program the Flash.
I connected to the target board via USB TAP.
My setting use
       - 8349MDS_rev1_FLASH.xml
       - 8349MDS_rev1_init.cfg  
       - INTEL Flash 28F320J3, 2X16M
       - Flash @ 0XFFC00000   end   0xFFFFFFFF
       - RAM @ 0X007FF000   range 0x00060000

When I tried Erase Button a box with 'connecting' message appears, then 'try 2' ...'try3'.
It would stayed for 5 to 10 second. Then 'Configure TAP' and  'JTAG' message flash very quick, and
Status box display Error: Connect Failed.

Show Log
: -------------------------

Using Algorithm: intel16x1j3.elf

=== Target Configuration Settings
=== Connection:       CodeWarrior Ethernet TAP
=== Target Processor: 8349
=== Target Init File: C:\Program Files\Freescale\CodeWarrior PA V8.7\PowerPC_EABI_Support\Initialization_Files\PQ2\8349MDS_rev1_init.cfg
Timestamp:  Fri Nov 30 16:57:38 2007

The TX/RX LED on the device Blink all the time, the RUN/PAUSE LED stay constant RED.
Any clue? Thanks,