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Question asked by kwangbog ham on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by igorpadykov

Dear Sir,


Thank you for response about my question which i posted.


We had designed our board with MMPF0100F4AEP & i.mx6 solo lite.

As soon as our board have been assemblied,

i checked the voltage as the below procedure:




- input VIN, VIN1, VIN2 and VIN3 on PMIC is 3.3V





Step1: 32.768KHz and 24MHz is proper working.

Step2: VSNSVS voltage on PMIC. it's 3.0V. (OK)

Step3: PMIC_ON_REQ signal voltage from MCU. it's 3.0V (OK)

Step4: PMIC's LDO output voltage, DCDC step down output voltage and DCDC step up output voltage on PMIC.

           Everything are OK. (it means that the meausrement voltages are equal to them in the MMPF0100F4AEP's datasheet)

Step5: Here's problem.

           /RESETMCU voltate on PMIC. it's 0.7V.(Problem)

           Please, refer to the attached our schematic.



The attached file schematic is the same as the schametic of freescale's EK board for i.mx6 solo lite.

But, /RESETMCU pin voltate is 0.7V.

Could you recommand to me that which one is wrong?


Or, do i should check and consider which part?


Best & Regards,

Kwangbog HAM