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FlexCan: individual masking does not work

Question asked by kilobyte on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by kilobyte

Hi community,


I want to use individual masking functionality of FlexCAN by setup a mask to received CAN Message.

My setup is the following:


- use MB1 as receive message box

- IDAM bit = Format A

- IRMQ bit = 1 (individual masking is enabled and FIFO is not used)

- RXIMR1 = 0x00000700 (I want to receive all IDs between 0x300 and 0x3FF)

- ID = 0x300 therfore in MB[1].ID it is 0xC000000


I verified  that the RXIMR1 register is written correctly in FreezeMode

I also verified that MB[1].ID is also written correctly.


Why do I get all CAN ID´s with this Setup and the defined mask (0x700) has no effect ?

Is there any additional configuration which I missed ?


Thanks for your help.