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About 10bit YCbCr Camera input to i.MX6DQ

Question asked by Takashi Takahashi on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by igorpadykov

Hi community.


Our customer has three camera interface questions.


1, IMX6DQ Reference Manual also YUV 10bit input on the might describes that which can be inputted using the Parallel.

Would  you tell me the specific pin assignment?

Below understanding is correct?

I refer  Description of  IMX6DQAEC  of IPU Sensor Interface Signal Mapping of YCbCr 20bit in.

IPUx_CSIx_DATA00 = C [0]?


IPUx_CSIx_DATA19 = Y [9]?


2,CAMERA RAW mode data will  become the only input in the MIPI?
Is it possible input even Parallel?
Although RAW mode is transferred to the memory space is available, but the process of the data needs to be driver software .
Would you can decoder to the video with an image converter on the hardware?


3,RAW data Would IMX6DQ support  manufacturer, etc.?

Does it can be use as the input image the RAW data of Toshiba Image sensor?