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Getting Continuous PCM Clock from SSI INTERFACE?

Question asked by SUMIT SHARMA on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by Richard Rooney

Hi All,


We are using SLIC CODEC from Microsemi (LE9641). Le9641 Features a host port interface for communicating with VIOP processors and SOC using PCM and SPI. The host port interface supports PCM Clock rates of 1.024MHz, 1.536MHz, 2.048MHz. 3.073MHz, 4.096Mhz, 6.144MHz and 8.192Mhz with a Frame SYNC of 8KHz.


We have a custom designed board, where we have connected this PCM and SPI pins of CODEC IC with AUDMUX (AUD5) interface and the SPI interface of i.MX6D processor respectively.


We are able to communicate with the CODEC IC through SPI interface and are able to configure the SSI interface of the processor for PCM bus communication.

As per the requirement o the SLIC IC, PCM Clock should Come always and Frame Sync Signal should be of 8Khz. but we are getting PCM clock(2.048MHz) from the processor whenever we are playing an Raw data audio file using aplay command. Also the Frame sync signal is not coming of 8Khz(it is coming 32KHz). We tried to change the SSCI configuration registers value, but did not get any success yet.


Is there any way of getting the continuous  PCM CLOCK from SSI interface if the Processor. We are configuring the SSI Interface in the Network Mode with Master I2S .


Please suggest any solution.



Sumit Sharma