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Ethernet MII pins and JTAG Trace pins are Multiplexed in K60 and K64 controllers

Question asked by Navinar Savad on Jul 7, 2015
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Hi All,

   I am trying to develop a code for ethernet using MII interface. But looking at the schematics I saw that the MII0_RXD3 is multiplexed with JTAG's TRACE_D1 pin and MII0_RXD2 is multiplexed with JTAG's TRACE_D0 pin. I am using  P&E 20 pin JTAG debugger for debugging. I need some advice with the following doubts:


1) Is there any safe way to route these pins to both ethernet and jtag? 

2) In such a scenario, I won't be able to debug the code right? 

3) If I use the JTAG to only load the program, then remove it and run the ethernet code, is it likely to cause any issues?


   I hope I have been clear enough about my questions. If you have any ideas, please share it here.



Navinar Savad