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PEx _IRQHandler

Question asked by Audi McAvoy on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by Audi McAvoy

I am Using PEx under KDS 3.0 with KSDK 1.2 to create a new K64F12 based project.  I've added a fsl_gpio component and added an input pin to Port A.


I've specified that it should "interrupt on rising edge."  Then under the Events tab I've specified that the "PORTA IRQ handler" should "generate code."


The problem is, the ISR name becomes "_IRQHandler" (missing the "PORTA" prefix).  Of course, back on the Properties tab, this shows an error under the Initialization section.


Has anyone else seen this?  Any ideas on where to begin searching for a solution to this problem?


- Audi