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A9 not loading kernel if started after M4 when Uboot is in QSPI

Question asked by ozu on Jul 7, 2015

Board: imx6 solox sdb


1) In QSPI2 I have, U-boot at an offset 0x1000, Header at an offset 0x400 and mqx hello world example application (image.bin) at an offset 0x1000000

2) My switch settings are to boot the board from QSPI2.



1) Without inserting an sd card i can boot from QSPI2 and with the command: sf probe 1:0 bootaux 0x79000000 on the uboot prompt, I can see M4 running on the other uart console. This is the expected behavior.

Question is: when i try, sf probe 1:0 bootaux 0x78000000, it still gives the same result. My M4 image is not at the flash head. In fact there is nothing at that address for the first 512 bytes but still I can run the image from the flash head, which is located somewhere else in the flash. How is that possible? Is that address hard coded somewhere? If yes, where?


2) I inserted SD card, to start A9 and M4 both. My Uboot and M4 image are in QSPI2 and Linux kernel is on SD card. I stop U-boot and run m4 first with the above command. I can see the output on the other M4 console and then I give command: run bootcmd to start A9 with linux image from SD. It doesnt work. Console messages are attached. I am posting some noteworthy messages here,


fsl-quadspi 21e4000.qspi: n25q256a (32768 Kbytes)

fsl-quadspi 21e4000.qspi: unrecognized JEDEC id ffffff

fsl-quadspi 21e4000.qspi: Freescale QuadSPI probe failed


Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000000b


Note: Starting loading A9 kernel after M4 works well, if Uboot is in SD card.

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