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Kinetis: cannot enter background mode with P&E GDB server

Question asked by yuliap on Jul 7, 2015
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I try to connect to a custom board using P&E multilink tool and P&E GDB server for Kinetis. My MCU is MK60DN512VMD10.

I get the error message as follows:


Server running on

P&E Interface detected - Flash Version 9.33

Can not enter background mode  .

Unable to initialize PEDebug.

PE-ERROR: Failed to Initialize Target


I tried to change device name, additional options (SWD mode on/off, erase on connect on/off) and debug speed, but still the same message. When I measure on the JTAG with an oscilloscope, I detect activity on the reset, TCK, TMS and TDI lines. The levels look correct. But there is no activity on TDO!


I don't have an external oscillator in my design. The EZP_CS_b pin is not connected either. Could any of this be the problem?