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MPC8640D Failed to reset the target (core did not halt)

Question asked by naga jyothi on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2015 by Yiping Wang

Hi  all,


    we are working on a project CPCI Based SBC Board using MPC8640D processor. We are trying to get simple JTAG connection to the processor mpc8640d. We are using code warrior usb tab s/n 0839 0023.

  In code warrior, when I try to reset the MPC8640D core (via reset target on launch), it gives the following message:

“CCSProtocolPlugin: Failed to reset the target (MPC8640d Core: Core did not halt).”

we are monitoring the jtag signals also , HREST and SRESET signals are not default these signals are in high state(+3.3v).


Can you give me some guidance in interpreting this error ?




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