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cannot see any "printf" in "Semihosting and SWV"

Question asked by Qingyuan Meng on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by Alice_Yang

HI, when I debugged example program provided by KSDK1.2.0 -- "C:\Freescale\KSDK_1.2.0\examples\frdmk64f\driver_examples\dspi\dspi_blocking\master\kds" using KDS3.0, I wanted to see if any "printf" can be shown in the "Semihosting and SWV". However, nothing appeared in the console.

I have followed the instruction "How to use printf() to print string to Console and UART in KDS". But it didn't work.

I have no idea about it. Could you please help me?


Many many thanks!