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iMX6QSD USB Disk can't work after deep sleep mode

Question asked by Miles Wang on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by Miles Wang

Dear sir,


I met a strange problem. I need your help. Thanks.


We're using vxWorks 7.0 RTOS and USB protocol stack on iMX6QSD board. USB port is OTG in host mode.

Before deep sleep mode, USB disk, keyborad or mouse work well.

After deep sleep mode, USB keyborad and mouse always work well. But USB disk can't be accessed.

USB disk responses STALL. The issue can't be recovered even if remove u-disk and then insert it again.

When the issue occurs, USB keyboard and mouse are still workable.


u-disk is USB high speed, usb keyboard and mouse are low speed. Does the difference make the issue?

How about the test result of u-disk on Freescale Linux environment? Can you give some idea how to debug the issue?


Best regards,