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MM912H634 low-side drivers issue

Question asked by David Dai on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by Radek Sestak
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I have a stange issue for MM912H634 low-side drivers test,

Firstly, I use  B_LSCR_LS1 and  B_LSCR_LS2 to control the relay with below code and 9V voltage,

Everything is ok, the relay can work as I expected.


    B_LSCEN = 0x05;

    D2DCTL0_D2DCLKDIV1 = 1;

    D2DCTL0_D2DCLKDIV0 = 1;

    D2DCTL1 = 0x8F;

    D2DCTL0_D2DEN = 1;

    B_WDR = 0b01000111;

    B_WDSR = 0xAA;



    B_LSCR_LS1 = 0;


    B_LSCR_LS1 = 1;



    B_LSCR_LS2 = 0;


    B_LSCR_LS2 = 1;



    _FEED_COP(); /* feeds the dog */



Then, during the relay is working, I artificially simulated a voltage drop(9V --> 3.6V), relay stopped.

Strange issue happened, relay stopped forever, even I re-make the code and re-flash MCU, re-Power on,

I checked the MCU LSx rigister and found no change as below even I run Step over the code.



I do not believe the haredware is destroyed.

Can you please tell me the possiable reason?


Thanks a lot!



Best Regards

David Dai