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USB Stack Error / fsl_misc_utilities.? Does misc uts require special Compiler Flags?

Question asked by Donald Bosley on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by Donald Bosley

- So I built dev audio generator for k22F - put it on my custom built PCB / Device. It works.

- I copy the exact same files and structure into a new project - including fsl_misc_utilities.c, which causes build errors (Why is a mystery to me, since I have followed the USB application directions - in fact I'm almost exactly copying a project?)

- Leaving out fsl_misc_utilities.c allows it to compile and run, but crashes into default IRQ handler after post_init. The initialization process of the hardware is identical to the working function above that runs.

- What is missing? The only difference I can find are the compiler flags?


-Xlinker -z  -Xlinker muldefs   -Xlinker --defsym=__ram_vector_table__=1  --specs=nano.specs          -Wall  -fno-common  -ffunction-sections  -fdata-sections  -ffreestanding  -fno-builtin  -Os  -mapcs  -Xlinker -static  -Xlinker --defsym=__stack_size__=0x1000  -Xlinker --defsym=__heap_size__=0x0400


My Projects Flags :

-specs=nosys.specs -specs=nano.specs


Any suggestions? Any links to where can I find more information on compiler flags?