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USB Raw on Kinetis microcontrollers...

Question asked by Dino Farina on Jul 6, 2015
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I'm thinking of using USB HID-RAW in a very defined application for establishing a communication mode (basically a message handler) between a Kinetis K24 device and a PC application.  I want to use the Kinetis Design Studio and Kinetis SDK tools if possible for the device-side implementation and LabVIEW for the PC application.  I've looked around quite a bit and haven't found any Freescale documents describing HID-RAW - everything points to "mouse" or "keyboard" and the complicated looking USB descriptor files associated with these types.  Conceptually, I know what I need the code to do and my thinking is that since I'm responsible for defining the packet contents for both the send and receive ends, why bother with the overhead of using a "mouse" or "keyboard" type when all I need is the "raw" packet?  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?