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Reg. TDM Clock

Question asked by Ibram Sahibu on Jul 6, 2015
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we are using 2 TDM ports in P1021 based design. we have 2 doubts in using the clocks available in TDM interface.

1. As of now, we have a single clock sourcing both the TDMx_TXCLK and TDMx_RXCLCK and one more clock sourcing both TDMx_TSYNC and TDMx_RSYNC. Is there any way to configure a single pin for TDMx_TXCLK and TDMx_RXCLCK functions and the same for TDMx_TSYNC and TDMx_RSYNC functions?

2. Can we share one TDM CLOCK/SYNC to another TDM CLOCK/SYNC functions?


Please let me know if you need further explanation?