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DAC not working on FRDM-K22F

Question asked by Vishal Girisagar on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by David E Seymour
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Hi All,

   I am using KDS IDE and K22F Kinetis board. I want to implement simple Digital - Analog converter. I am trying using Processor Expert. The configuration done is as shown below.


I add "DAC_LDD" component. Since the MCU supports only 1 DAC, i.e "DAC0_OUT/CMP1_IN3/ADC0_SE23".

I use 12 bit resolution as it supports 12-bit.

No interrupts.

No hardware buffer


Enable in init code



In main loop, I call

  for (;;) {

   Error = DA1_SetValue(NULL, 4095U);                    /* Set converter output */



Value of Error is 0 which mean setting value was successful. I also see all the registers are set properly. I try to measure value on the DAC_output pin using multimeter. I expect the value to be 3.3V. But I am getting few milli volts which means DAC is not working properly. Can some one please tell me if I am missing something. Thanks a lot in advance.


Also, why would one use DMA with DAC? Using DMA with ADC makes sense. But why with DAC?



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