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uClinux and dBug

Discussion created by Jesus Ortiz on Nov 30, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2012 by samir slime

I'm following the AN3408 in order to install a uClinux on the MCF5329EVB.

I have built the uClinux kernel and I have to download it to the target board with dBug.

The problem is that I can't set an IP address with dBug. I execute the command "set" to set the IP addresses and it looks like it works (when I execute "show" I can see the new IP values displayed). But when I make a ping from my PC (server) to the target board IP address, it doesn't work. Neither the command "dn" to download the kernel. It looks like I can't configure the IP addresses with dBug with the command set.

I've followed the AN3408 steps. All the settings show me right. But then it doesn't work.

My dBug version is v4b.1a.1d.

Can you help me please? Any idea?

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