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Does ADC_16_DRV_GetAutoCalibrationParam calibrate the ADC?

Question asked by George Leszko on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by Earl Orlando Ramirez Sanchez

In the KSDK 1.2, I initialize and calibrate an ADC channel by drivers I found in the component list:



  ADC16_DRV_Init (0, &ADC0_CalConvConfig); //set ADC to s/w trigger mode for calibration

  ADC16_DRV_GetAutoCalibrationParam(0, &ADC0_CalConfig); //calibrate ADC0

  ADC16_DRV_SetCalibrationParam(0, &ADC0_CalConfig);


  … but there is no mention of this function in the API Reference Manual. I have been told this function actually calibrates the ADCs. Is it really this easy? I can’t determine certainly from setting breakpoints if any of the offset, gain or calibration register values actually changed from those that are already in them (from previously issuing this command). Is there any documentation on these driver calls and parameter structure?