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  Uboot Serial Console is not not working for wandboard quad

Question asked by srinivasaporam on Jul 1, 2015

We have got wandboard quad board with us. When we are deploying some prebuilt images, tand powering on the board, it is booting correctly. for the prebuilt images we are using (uboot as well as kernel (Ubuntu trusty)).


Actually we would like deploy only uboot and see the boot messages in serial console (for our development purposes)


for this we have done following things:


1. We have connected USB to Serial Converter (USB is attached to my Ubuntu PC which is running minicom and serial is connected to wandboard quad's serial port. USB to serial converter cable is working fine. this we have checked using putty.


2. We have installed minicom in my ubuntu machine and set the serial port configutation (ttyUSB0,115200 etc).


3. start the minicom, by issuing command sudo minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB0 -o -w then minicom screen coming.


4. after deploying uboot to sd card, then kept sd card in sd card slot of wand board and powering on.


5. once powering on, we are hitting space bar in the keyboard which is connected to wandboard, no messages, nothing is happening.


no messages are appearing in minicom window. what could be the error. what we are doing wrong.

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