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some questions about MC9S12XDP512 bootloader ?

Question asked by jiannian li on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by jiannian li

hi, I am trying to built the bootloader by ISO15765 base on the MC9S12XDP512 .

I had load a demo from freescale ,but find some "odd" questions:

1)when the ECU running in the BDM debug, it is correct to write/read the flash ---I can write the data to the flash and read the right back.

2)when the ECU running without BDM,it is wrong to write/read the flash ----when I read the flash that had been write ,it respone 0xFF ,not the data I had write.


I don't know what's wrong on my code, the MC9S12XDP512 bootloader demo is "XDP512-FLASH-EW-CW47" .

please help me to find what's wrong