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FlexBus or GPIO for 10MSPS ADC

Question asked by Alexey Usoltsev on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2015 by xiangjun.rong


I am planning to connect 2 10Megasemples/sec ADC with parallel output to kinetis MCU. Before i was planning to use FX3 from Cypress with USB 3.0 and 198Mhz parallel I/O(GPIF II) but yestarday i've seen that there is new k26 with usb HS PHY-nice news! It will be enoght for me and I like kinetis:)

So now i have a question how to interface those ADCs to MCU. In the datasheet it is written that rise and fall time of GPIO is less than 50ns so i''l be able to read 10 MSPS. Is it so?

In other hand for parallel devices there is an advice to use FlexBus but i've never used it before. Fast glanchat the datasheet says that firstly i have to set an adress before reading. Is there any advices for me?


P.S. SInce ADC is 16bit and more precise than MCU clock system will be separate device with PLL from analog devices. I will have to catch that clocks as external interrupt.


Thanks for solutions and have a good day!