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Disabling I2C Automatic Stop?

Question asked by indraastra on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by BC Stewart

For an I2C device I'm trying to use, it's required to gang up a bunch of reads and writes in sequence with a STOP signal only at the very end. Here is the reasoning:


9.4 End of Communication Session / Window
Similar to other Azoteq I2C devices, to end the I2C communication session, a STOP command
is given. When sending numerous read and write commands in one communication cycle, a
repeated start command must be used to stack them together (since a STOP will jump out of
the communication window, which is not desired).
The STOP will then end the communication, and the IQS263 will return to process a new set of
data. Once this is obtained, the communication window will again become available (RDY set


After running into issue after issue with the PEx I2C_LDD driver, I'm considering a switch to the fsl_i2c driver but it doesn't look like it supports this use case. I can't see any way to NOT send a STOP condition on send or receive. Am I correct in this conclusion?