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Custom P2041 board DDR problem

Question asked by Omer Eskizara on Jun 30, 2015
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We are using a custom P2041 board. We were working with u-boot without a problem for 2 months. Last week with no reason u-boot hangs on DDR initialization. After i debugged i realized that DDR controller initialization passes (D_INIT bit is cleared) but read/write procedures to RAM fails. I mean i can't read the same data i wrote.


I checked my board and observed that P2041 sends constantly DDR reset to RAM modules. I can think source of the problem may be following:

- SDRAM hardware problem

- P2041 hardware problem

- DDR controller initialization problem (It was working before)


We are using 5xISSI IS43TR16512A-15HBLI 512Mx16 8Gb DDR3 SDRAM with ECC. If anyone experienced similar problem please help me to determine the source of problem.