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Ubuntu porting to customized board

Question asked by srinivasaporam on Jun 29, 2015
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We have got a new board which is based on wandboard dual but there are minor differences that we have used LPDDR2 instead of DDR3 and we have used only one sd card whose signals are going to SD1 signals of IMX6 processor. This board has just come after assembly.


Now we would like port Ubuntu to this board. We tried deploying Uboot-wandbaord-dual and ubuntu images to this board and after powering on nothing is coming in display which is connected to board through HDMI.


when we deploying same uboot file and ubuntu images to the SD card and putting into the reference wandboard dual board which we have, then board is booting up.



Now, i think we have to customize the uboot for our ustomized board and also we need to do the initialization of LPDDR2. But how can we do this??? is there any technical document for the same. what all the other files which we need to consider inoreder to get our board boot????


Please help us...