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Is Freescale ever going to add 1588 timing support to MQX?

Question asked by John Anderson on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by Werner Abt

I know Freecsale has some 1588 demo code for Kinetis K60/64 and I was able to run that successfully on my K60 tower system - but the limited demo code is from Ixaat.  They only want around $20~$30 grand to  supply some source code, plus they want a per-unit royalty, that doesn't seem to include support in MQX, etc.  Price seems to change every time we check on it.  It's not at all attractive.


Is there ever going to be real 1588 timing support in MQX stack as open-source code for Kinetis?  Or is it just going to fizzle out (which it seems to be heading that way?)


Or is there a newer update of MQX stack that I somehow missed?


I know there in Linux PTP, but that is going to be a real challenge to port into MQX.


Thanks in advance!