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IMX6 Asynchronous Audmux/SSI

Question asked by Nathan Sweetman on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by igorpadykov



I am having trouble getting SSI to work in asynchronous, 2 channel, network mode on the imx6 platform.


I have tried using ssi as both a master and slave.



In the master configuration when i enable transmit I can see a correctly generated bit clk and frame sync present on the output of the audmux (port 4).

However  the same bit clk and frame sync is present on the receive lines even though the ssi controller, and both ports on the audmux are set to asynchronous.

There is no rx frame sync interrupt generated to the ssi controller however, and the txfs interrupt is fired only.


When i enable receive in this configuration instead, nothing comes out of the audmux on the receive or transmit lines, but the receive frame sync interrupt for the ssi controller is fired.


This lead me to believe the audmux was configured incorrectly, but other than disabling sync on that and setting the correct ports there doesn't to be anything else to do.


PDCR1: 00006000

PTCR1: 00000000


PDCR4: 00000000

PTCR4: 84210000



I have been unable to get this to work at all, no matter the configuration that I use, synchronous or otherwise.

Unfortunately asynchronous slave is the ideal mode.


Currently I have the audmux settings:


PDCR1: 00006000

PTCR1: 9ce73000


PDCR4: 00000000

PTCR4: 00000000


I never get any form of frame sync interrupt no matter what I feed in.


Any help would be appreciated.