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Realignment of existing memory map in coldfire(MCF5206)

Question asked by MANJUNATH GANGADHARA on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by Shaun James

We have requirment to add NOR flash and Ethernet controller into existing Controller(MCF5206EUM) in expansion board.(Note: Expansion board is plugged on main board and main board will not change). Current system has PAR value of 0001 to use A27-WE0, A26-WE1, A25-CS5, A24-CS4(refer MCF5206EUM/D, rev.1 Table 8-8). We want to realign existing memory map and insert NOR flash & Ethernet controller into memory by moving other peripheral into available unused memory.

- Can you suggest any impact by realign existing memory map, considering existing hardware design?
- Is there a way to create additional chip select in controller using PAR?(Note: In current design, any change in PAR value is resulting in system crash or boot issue)
- We want to use unused memory range and can it be addressable? Current memory map details: DRAM(4M), SRAM(1M), BBRAM1(1M), BBRAM2(2M), Flash CHIP1(128K), empty1(1.876M), I/0(1k), empty2(3K), EEPROM(4K), empty3(~3G).
For example, Can we move BBRAM2(2M) into empty3 and use BBRAM2 for other peripheral?