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Some issues regarding CodeWorrior True-Time Simullator&Real-Time Debugger

Question asked by David Dai on Jun 29, 2015
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This is my first time to use Freescale MCU MM912H634 for my project,

I set up the development environment with CW_HC12_v5.1_SPECIAL + USB multilink_universal,

During I debug my program, regarding CodeWorrior True-Time Simullator&Real-Time Debugger, I have several questions:


1, Why I can't revise my code in CodeWorrior True-Time Simullator&Real-Time Debugger and re-make to debug my code?

    I have to return to CodeWorrior to revise my code and re-start the debug work.


2, When I simulate my program, for the same code, I get different result with full Start(F5) mode and Step over(F10) mode, why?


Could you please answer my question?




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David Dai