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ADC Conversation time related query

Question asked by Utsavi Kalpesh Bharuchwala on Jun 28, 2015
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I am working with CodeWarrior v10.3 and of MQX v4.0 (TWRK60D100M)


I am running ADC demo and is working perfectly.


What my purpose is to get approximately 1200 adc outputs within a 500ms.


My Bus frequency is 48 Mz(seen from bsp_cmp.h) and my ADC Conversation frequency is 5 Mz (seen from _adc_hw_init() in adc_kadc.c)


Now From ADC Calculator, I found My Conversion Time is 4.8us.


But I am seeing when I am trying to reduce _time_delay(100) in  adc_demo.c file then number of  ADC output reading is very less.

Why?? If conversation rate is fast (in us..!!)  then why only _time_delay(100) is sufficient for reading output?? the delay should be in us not in ms


But when I am putting _time_delay(100) , number of ADC output reading is more.


Here is snippet to calculate numbers of ADC output reading and Time taken for it :

(I measured that to complete 1200 reading it takes appx 121 sec and 9 ms....!!)


for(i = 0; ; i++)


        /* channel 1 sample ready? */

        if (read(f_ch1, &data, sizeof(data) ))


            printf("ADC ch 1: %4d \n ", data.result);




            printf("               \n");



        if (i == 1200) {



        printf("<--------------EndTIme MILISEC : %d \n",RequiredTime.MILLISECONDS);

        printf("***************EndTIme SEC : %d \n",RequiredTime.SECONDS);

        printf("Count: %d",count);



            printf("Pausing channel #1...");

            if (IO_OK == ioctl (f_ch1, ADC_IOCTL_PAUSE_CHANNEL, NULL))





        if (i == 1200) {

        i = 0;

        count = 0;

            printf("Resuming channel #1...");

            if (IO_OK == ioctl (f_ch1, ADC_IOCTL_RESUME_CHANNEL, NULL))