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Not able to configure IPU for 16-bit camera

Question asked by Paritosh Singh on Jun 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by Joan Xie



I have custom camera connected to IMX6 dual lite processor through LVDS deserializer (THC63LVD1024).


LVDS deserializer (THC63LVD1024) is running in dual-in single out mode.


I have tried different configuration gathered from different threads available on freescale community but none of them worked out for me.


below are settings for getting 16 bit generic data:

IPU_CSI0_SENS_CONF register ==> 0x0400CB00


below are setting for UYVY:

IPU_CSI0_SENS_CONF register ==> 0x0400CA00


Please provide setting to configure 16-bit camera for UYVY format.

If there is some patch available than kindly let me know.



Paritosh Singh