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KE06Z Incorrect Clock Rate when using USBDM

Question asked by Stefan McDaniel on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by Stefan McDaniel

So I'm switching from using the P&E OpenSDA support to using USBDM to program and debug a KE06Z target. I'm doing so since I need to start programming custom made target boards that use a different version of the KE06Z chip than the one on the FRDM board.


I was able to get this to run, but I've found that the clock is off. For example, I'm outputting data on a UART at 9600 baud. When using the P&E OpenSDA toolchain it correctly outputs the data at 9600 baud. When I switch to USBDM I found that I had to adjust the baud rate to 8700 in order to get the data to actually be output at 9600 baud.


I'm using Processor Expert extensively, so it is stetting up the target's clock, and I would have thought that the BDM tool being used wouldn't effect the clock rate. Processor Expert is configuring the target to run with a little over a 20MHz clock rate. When running with USBDM it seems to be running closer to 22Mhz.


I'm guessing that I've set it up in such a way that the BDM tool is driving the clock of the target, instead of the external 8MHz crystal.


Anyone have suggestions on how to configure Processor Expert so that the BDM isn't effecting the clock rate of the KE06Z target?


I can post some screenshots of what I believe are the applicable parts of the Processor Expert configuration, but if someone knows off hand what is up it would be great!