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some issues of i.MX283

Question asked by linjie pan on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by linjie pan

1 Power for RTC module

As the Reference Manual shows the RTC can continue to count time as long as a voltage is applied to the BATT, regardless of whether the VDD_5VC is powered. Can a button battery be applied to the BATT, in case that VDD_5VC is power down? Can I.MX283 consume great power of battery in the process from VDD_5VC power supply to battery power supply. Does the I.MX283 have specialized power input for RTC function? What is the function of the pin of VDDXTAL?


I use a Switch Chip 88e6061b to extend the number of ETH Ports. The Switch chip and the I.MX283 are connected via the RMII bus. Can 50Mhz clock from Switch chip’s IN_CLK be used for the reference Clock of I.MX283’s MAC?