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iMX6 IPU Frame buffer rotation with GPU enabled

Question asked by Jemin Morabia on Jun 26, 2015
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We have implemented 180 degree rotation mechanism for displaying on LCD device with rotated position. We have used IPU rotation channels IPU_ROT_PP_MEM and IPU_ROT_ENC_MEM for rotating data buffer on IPU channels FG and BG respectively. QT applications and Video playback on fb device are working fine.


We added support of Xorg service and google-chromium on iMX6 board. Xorg service and google-chrome service works fine without rotation. But after enabling rotation code in mxc_sdc_fb driver chrome is not displayed on screen. We have identified that Xorg service uses iMX6 GPU Vivante drivers and libraries for graphics. Is the GPU acceleration used in Xorg creating problem to IPU rotation channels?


Can you please suggest what may be the problem when using Xorg (with iMX6 GPU Vivante) with rotation IPU channels?