Patrick Jackson

Esquilo IoT Development board update

Discussion created by Patrick Jackson on Jun 26, 2015

Hi Kinetis Microcontroller folks. This is a quick update on Esquilo.


For those of you that backed us on the Kickstarter, we have good news: All the boards have been shipped, as of today! Esquilo: Simple IoT Development - WiFi + Web IDE + Cloud by Esquilo Corp — Kickstarter


For those of you that attended our on-site presentation at Freescale and got a board: You should update the EOS (Esquilo Operating System) on your board's flash to the official released  version (that went out on the Kickstarter boards). The image can be downloaded here: The instructions for updating are here: Esquilo Docs


For those of you we met last week at FTF2015: It was great to talk with you. We learned a lot, had some very productive talks, and were super excited to get such a great spot in the keynote.


For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about: Esquilo is a new development board based on the K64 that has everything you need to create connected devices very easily, all built-in (web IDE, Wi-Fi, secure cloud, etc.). For more info, please see our website: or visit the Freescale IoT truck.


And for everyone: I encourage anyone interested in Esquilo to please join our online community at and contribute your questions, projects, etc. Esquilo needs to be a community-driven project to be a success and grow into a great IoT platform.




- Patrick