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Some trouble between ChipIdea and audio Gadget

Question asked by Sebastien Pruvost on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by CarlosCasillas

Dear All ,

I'm working on IMX6 SabreLite (with a 3.10.53 kernel) and have some trouble in using the HNP protocol in order to switch the role host/device of my boards.
I have set some configurations in menuconfig like "USB 2.0 OTG FSM Implementation", "ChipIdea HighSpeed Dual Role Controller", "ChipIdea device controller" and "ChipIdea host controller". I have used this uImage in my two sabreLite. But I'm stuck in the step 2 (from this document: After loading g_audio in my two sabreLite and plugging the cable (microA – microB), there is an error “ci_hdrc.0 request length too big for isochronous  snd_uac2.0 1116 Error”.

And even after running aplay command, I still got this error and there is no sound getting out of the jack port. Are there any incompatibility between ChipIdea and Audio Gadget ?

Are there someone who has this trouble ? How can I fix it ?