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Unhandled interrupt when I connect to a USB-stick

Question asked by Patric Schroeder on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by isaacavila



I change from MQX 4.1 to MQX 4.2. But now I have trouble with the usb communication or the mfs access. At the beginning, when the function usb_msd_install() was performed, I get a unhandled interrupt. The attach and detach event was recogniced, but after the usb_msd_install() was called the unhandled interrupt stop the task. Then I changed the configuration from MQX 4.2, that it's identical with my configuration in MQX 4.1. Now the connection to the usb-stick works, but as soon as I execute a command to the USB-stick, I get the unhandled interrupt. I adapt the source-code for the change in MQX 4.2.

Has anyone an idea whats going wrong or what cause the unhandled interrupt?