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boot from SD1 for wand board dual/quad

Question asked by srinivasaporam on Jun 25, 2015


we have designed a board which is based on the wand board dual/quad architecture. But only thing it is differing that our board ihas only one sd card slot (whose connections are going to SD1 connections of processor) where as wand board has got two sd cards  1. SD1 (used for applications) 2. SD3 (used for OS). when we are deploying OS image to sd card and putting in SD3 slot, then board is booting. if we put the same sd card in SD1 slot, the board is not booting.


is there any way that i can make boards to boot from SD1 slot.


or is there any way that i can port OS to the board using USB/OTG. how can i do that???