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Yocto: $THISDIR problem

Question asked by Dmitry Varakin on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by gusarambula



There is a problem with $THISDIR resolving in Yocto (1.8 / Fido). I just want to ask if it's a bug or expexted behavior.


I created *.inc file which simply replaces patching mechanism. Instead of making patches for each change I just want to overwrite old files with new, manually edited. Just to make my layer a bit more "developer-friendly" for quick tests.

do_unpack_append() {'do_update_sources', d)



do_update_sources() {

    cp ${THISDIR}/${PN}/update/ ${S} -R



Once I add this file to *.bbappend, I expect any sources located in meta-mylayer/.../${PN}/update to be copied on top of extracted sources:



require ${THISDIR}/../../recipes-common/





in bbappend file: ${THISDIR} is resolved to meta-mylayer/... in both cases.

but in included ${THISDIR} is resolved to meta-fsl-arm/...


Is it OK or a bug?